Redirects Made Easy

301 Magic automates the process of URL redirects.

301 Magic

Import the sitemap of the old site and the new site.

301 Magic

Sit back while 301 Magic matches each old URL to the most fitting page on the new site.

Export the completed list as a CSV, which you can then upload into your website backend.

301 Redirects Made Easy

Meet the tool that automates the process of 301 redirects.
Awesome software! As an SEO professional, redirects take up lots of time. 301 Magic has cut that time down to a quarter of what it usually takes. Big fan and looking forward to how this software innovates.
Clayton Carini
This automatic redirect tool was a LIFE SAVER! I use it every time I redesign a website or need to organize my sitemaps. I highly recommend 301 Magic to any SEO Specialist or marketing agency.
Madi Balman

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